Allison MacLeod was born in London, England and raised in England, India and California. Her music career began auspiciously in a garage in the San Fernando Valley with the band "JUDY'S BALL" (co-founded with her brother and named after her dog). Sadly the band broke up as members acquired drivers licenses.

Allison went on to co-found the L.A. band "THE TEARJERKERS," a mini-skirted girl group highly regarded by local critics and radio stations. Their 3 song single release was played regularly on KROQ-FM.

Allison left THE TEARJERKERS to form a new band "MAGGIE'S FARM." The band's fresh songwriting and rich harmonies soon earned them a recording contract on BMG's JRS label. BILLBOARD magazine complimented the "well tailored songwriting on a very earworthy debut" adding that "MacLeod's lead vocals are passionate and expressive." After seeing the band at a highly touted FARM AID appearance, PERFORMANCE MAGAZINE wrote "That day, MAGGIE'S FARM cultivated a new audience with a crop of tunes that sing from the heart." One member of that new audience was KRIS KRISTOFFERSON who asked them to be his opening act on numerous West coast dates.

Allison is currently pursuing a solo career. MUSIC CONNECTON magazine wrote of her first solo album, "GHOSTS NEVER DIE," "MacLeod remains focused, easily switching moods with each song and creating a full believability behind her lyrical messages."

That brings us to today and the release of